Copyright Distribution

The core of overseas distribution business is “content”, dedicated to spreading Chinese culture and excellent Chinese films and TV shows. North America is one of the key regions for the international distribution of Chinese film and TV works, holding a significant market share in the global market. Relying on a multi-channel distribution network and a professional team, a scaled distribution system in North America has been preliminarily established. Stable business cooperation channels have been formed, including overseas cable TV networks, cinemas, and online platforms (such as Netflix). The business scope includes overseas promotion, copyright agency, and sales of film and TV dramas. The business is supported by the vast content resources of the company, and there is cooperation with other domestic partners such as Focus Media, Huayi Brothers, Poly Group, and Gehua Media to expand the channels for importing film and TV content and develop the overseas distribution market.

Performing Arts Training

  • Own stages, studios, and large green screen film studios.
  • “One-stop” capability from planning, operation, filming, recording to editing, experience in shooting at Grammy and Golden Globe Awards; collaboration experience with Hollywood production teams.
  • Various self-produced programs and Focus TV channel on top global social media platforms, with a WeChat public account and social media group exceeding ten million readers.
  • Essential resources and channels for building celebrity IPs, with excellent Hollywood celebrity teachers at Focus Academy providing film and TV performance training.
  • End-to-end capability in creative shooting, post-production, and promotion (internet and local TV networks), with the ability to link promotions across various fields globally.

Film and Television Shooting

As the exclusive local coordinator for the shooting of the 2018 family drama “陪读妈妈” (Accompanying Mom) in Canada, Juju Media provided professional equipment and technical support for Hai Run Movies and TV.They participated in the filming and post-production of the series, reinforcing their status as a leader in initial production.